About The Council

Ripponden Parish Council exists to work on the ‘quality of life’ issues that affect Barkisland, Ripponden, Rishworth and Soyland. The Council is established by Act of Parliament, and despite being named a ‘Parish Council’ has no formal connections with the Church.

The Parish Council represents your views —

  • on matters of planning: we receive all Planning Applications in the area and our comments must be considered by Calderdale MBC. Calderdale, however, has the final say on all Applications
  • on many other issues: like play areas, road layout, improvement schemes

— supports community activities —

  • making grants to support local organisations. We have supported many organisations in the area ranging from the Skate Park Action Group to Barkisland Old People’s Welfare Committee
  • playing a part in the Soyland Charity and other local organisations

— enhances the quality of life —

  • raising issues of anti-social behaviour and other crime with the Community Constable, through the Police Community Forum, and other authorities
  • working to make sure developments are properly carried out

— and the environment of the area —

  • calling for action on fly-tipping and dog fouling
  • making sure access to our environment is maintained: foothpaths and bridleways are not blocked
  • calling on other agencies to do their bit in the area
  • working towards the Yorkshire in Bloom competition and other horticulture matters
  • arranging for the War Memorial in the village centre to be cleaned, have a new bayonet fitted and the railings painted by working with the Friends of War Memorials and Calderdale
  • providing new and renovated benches

“The Government believes that parish and town councils, as the tier of government that is closest to local communities, have a central role to play in improving local quality of life.”

Source: Quality Parish and Town Council Scheme, Department of Communities and Local Government

Parish Councillors are unpaid volunteers. Every four years there is a re-election process for whole Council. You can have your say at Council meetings by coming to our Public Participation time: have a look at the Calendar for details of meetings.